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Seeyewear is the quintessential niche eyewear distributor in Australia. Steve Ehrlich- buyer, CEO regularly travels Internationally to explore the world at large, both for a sense of current fashion in optics, and seeking the edge of what new young designers are exploring, so when you partake of Seeyewear, you experience through Steve's eye, the cutting edge of the industry. "It is important in the ever changing world we live in to provide people and the changing consumer habits a personality in the experience of buying eyewear," added Steve. "The array of collections we amalgamate characterize our bent on society, trends within the demographic of people who aren't mainstream, seeking that something special in interpreting their persona. We promote beautifully designed and fabricated glasses, our customers are given the opportunity of co marketing their stores with unique exclusive collections, separating them from the mass market, proffering their clientele these eyewear frames that characterize their personas individualistically." Seeyewear is distributor of Zenka Eyewear. "The impact Zenka has made on the eyewear industry has been revolutionary to our customers. It has provided retailers a collection distinctive in USP features

 From belgium * Matttew *, exquisite colours combined laminations, and titaniums all shaped in creative expressions, modernist eyewear expressionism.

Our most recent additions, from Belgium as well Komorebi and Binoche. Two fine collections representing the Belgique school of eyewear design. Artisans of design, the subtle minimalism of Komorebi, and the craftsman colour palatte of Binoche.